Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogger Swap: Kinsey's Yellow Top

I have to admit: I was a bit stumped on this one. The second I saw this highlighter yellow top in my box o' swap clothes from Kinsey, I knew I wanted to wear it. It's a gorgeous color and has awesome scallop detailing on the sleeves, but I don't have a single. yellow. thing. in my closet. And thus, I get a little gun-shy when trying to style something in a color or style that doesn't usually find itself in my wardrobe. 

I tried it with a few different combinations, but nothing seemed very me. How do I remedy that? By pairing it with a few of my favorite things, of course!

-Chambray skirt (that I quite possibly wear more than anything else in my closet?) Check.
- Sky-high brown platform sandals? Check.
-Awesome new scarf I scored from the thrift shop for $0.49? Check and check.

Voila! It was like magic. Suddenly this gorgeous top that completely baffled me had fit seamlessly into an outfit that I would wear any day of the week. This swap with Kinsey is my first participation in a clothing swap, and it's really gotten me thinking. Even the pieces that I will usually pass by in the store for fear they won't 'mesh' with my current wardrobe have great potential in my daily wear.

I certainly didn't expect to get all sartorially philosophical (putting my GRE words to good use, apparently.) as a result of this swap, but it's given me new eyes towards how I shop and how I should be shopping in the future. Perhaps one of the reasons I've been so bored with my closet lately is because I've put so many rules and parameters on what I wear vs. what I do not wear that some of the fun has gone out of getting dressed. I'm already starting to feel more excited about the possibilities that the basics in my own closet have for wear in the future. And quite frankly, I'm ready to go thrifting and see what great pieces I can find that I would have passed by with my old mindset!

My awesome new scarf-- patterned with old coins!

Do you ever get stuck in the definition you've set for your style? I'm realizing more and more lately how much I've let those rules confine me!


  1. Sweet outfit! I'm in love with chambray skirts too, and the one you're wearing is beautiful.
    You know, I don't like to define my style...I just buy and wear things that I really like, and they aren't always similar to each other.

  2. You know I love any chambray skirt outfit--- this one looks great! The yellow is perfect with the skirt :)