Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger Swap: Kinsey's Leopard Flats!

Confession: I have been a bit neglectful of my lovely shoe collection this summer. I get tied up in wearing the same pair of strappy flat black sandals all the ding dong summer, and then fall rolls around and I finally reacquaint myself with my giant shoe collection in the one month I have before the snow falls. Oops.

dress: Kohls, Summer 11; leggings: Target, spring 11; flats: Kinsey's

So that's why I was kind of beyond excited when I found out that Kinsey & I shared the same shoe size-- because I have kind of large feet for a relatively short girl. But that's beside the point. The point is: I desperately needed a wake-up call from my over-worked sandals. 

Do you guys see how cute these flats are? Do you see it? Because I mean, seriously.

And the best part? Is that in my book, animal print is a neutral. Which means I get to wear it with whatever I want! Wahoo!

Also, before I forget: this dress. It's my new favorite thing. I have a feeling it's going into the closet VIP ranks alongside my chambray skirt & my magic cardigan. Red. Stripes. Pockets. Buttons. For the win.

Check out how Kinsey's styling some of my pieces on her blog!


  1. animal print IS a neutral! love it. and that dress is so cute (i love your "for the win" quote).

  2. It's so rare to find someone who has the same shoes size. So glad you guys are swapping - can't wait to see how you guys style more stuff.

  3. Loving our swap Mary! For some reason I can't comment on your blog from my work computer, but I have been loving the way you've been styling my stuff ALL WEEK!