Friday, July 29, 2011

Blogger Swap: Kinsey's Skinny Cargos!

It's Day Four of my closet swap with Kinsey, and I swear, each thing she sent me is cuter & more fabulous than the last. Which is saying something, considering I am completely and totally 100% enamored with her red bubble dress. But I digress. 

I was a little concerned at first about the awesome skinny cargos since the humidity levels have been nothing short of Amazonian lately, but they're so lightweight and comfy, the extra fabric barely made a difference. 

One of the hardest things about doing a swap is feeling the pressure to style each piece perfectly as they only get one shot to be styled with my closet. For example-- these pants would have been gorgeous with some of my highest heels and a structured blazer, but alas-- my day job is as a nanny, and I have to dress for the occasion. Even at that, though, it's been so fun to take some pieces and make them work for days at the zoo and trips to the library with my nannying kids. 

Make sure to come back on Monday to see my final swap day with Kinsey, and check out how she's been styling my pieces on her blog!


  1. Those pants look awesome on your, but I'm too distracted by that amazing tee to notice! I LOVE the color and the print on the tee. This outfit looks great on you! And it's perfect for your nanny job :)

  2. These pants look SO insanely good on you! Work it Mary ;) And I know I haven't commented on any of your swap pictures yet, but I've been looking at every one and you've been doing great!❤