Monday, July 25, 2011

A case of the floopies.

I'm sick. Blerggggg.

Tee: F21, Summer 10; Skirt: NY&Co, old; Flats: Target, Winter 11

Isn't that the worst, getting sick in the summertime? It could be way worse, but the last thing I want while I'm trying to pack in as much warm-weather-good-times as possible is a drippy nose and watery eyes. 
Usually, when I get sick, I go one of two ways: dead inside, or floopy. Guess which one was the mood du jour?

...yeaah. Floopy. 

I danced around my house all day like a happy hazy wreck, only 50% aware of what I was saying, thinking, and doing. I may or may not have picked up an entire two liter bottle of Sprite and watched helplessly as it slipped out of my fingers, cap flying helter-skelkter into the wind, and bounced around on my kitchen floor, making everything in foamy-spraying-distance smell vaguely of lemon-lime.

And then I slipped and slid gleefully around in my socks as I tried to mop up one very, very sticky mess. Whoops. It was pretty funny, though. 

And then, zicam in hand, I may or may not (emphasis on the may) have crashed in one be-sock-ed, sprite-y pile on my bed while I slipped in and out of conciousness in front of old episodes of Scrubs streaming on Netflix. 

Honestly, if I'm going to be sick anyways? Floopy is more fun :)


  1. Awww I'm sorry you're sick! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I have spent countless hours in my bed watching scrubs on Netflix! Gee, Mary, I like you more and more as I read your blog! :) hope you feel better soon, but with the antics of JD and turk... Can't be too much longer :)