Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Rope Bracelet: pay it forward!

Early in the year, I signed up to participate in the blogger Pay it Forward project, where you craft for other bloggers, and in turn, they must craft for five other bloggers, etc, etc. It took me forever to finally get around for finishing my projects for my lovely craftees, but I finally got them finished + sent a few weeks ago, and now that they've all received their gifts, I can finally share with you all what I made for them!

I saw these rope bracelets on Honestly WTF a few months ago, and I knew right away that they would be the perfect thing to make for my lovely craftees. I made them in three colors with some accessory cord found at my local climbing supply store, and voila! They were super easy (and slightly addicting) to make, and I was so happy about how they turned out! Also, I may or may not be wearing them practically every day. Methinks I need to get more colors than just orange, green, and ble?

Anyways! Check out Bailey, Fi, and Tabitha's photos of their rope bracelets on their blogs, and Kimberly and Ariana, if you have photos of how you've worn your bracelets, let me know! 

How would you wear a rope bracelet? Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks-- these may or may not be part of a super-cool giveaway :)


  1. I got the bracelets! Thanks so much Mary! I'll make sure to snap a pic when I wear them :)

  2. I'm wearing mine today! Thanks again for sending them to me!