Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest post at PB + Jenny!

A few months ago (during my Undergrad Fab days, of course) I had written a guest post about my magic cardigan (you know the one ;)) for one of my favorite non-style bloggers, Jenny of PB + Jenny. And then I went and promptly forgot about it for oh, three months? So imagine my surprise today when I saw it posted on her lovely blog this evening!

Go check it out if you'd like to see all the ways I'm slightly obsessed with my fave cardigan (plus some never featured on le blog!) and take a peek around her fabulous blog.

If you're a new reader who found me via Jenny, welcome! I just moved to this blog this week, so things are still in transition, but welcome to my little corner of the internet and I hope you'll stick around :) 


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