Monday, August 8, 2011

3/23: Wine Tasting

Friends! Oh-so-many things to catch you up on. First, I must be getting old, because when I started Undergrad Fab, I was posting outfit pictures every single day without batting an eyelash, and now I can't do it for more than a week without needing to take six days off from blogging after. Oops. Sorry about that. But while I haven't been posting, I have been tinkering a bit with some things on b+b to make it 110% more fun + fabulous. 

Exhibit A: my swap/trade page! It's still a work in progress, and I promise to update you all when I actually have things posted to trade, but I was so inspired by My Trick, Your Trick (as well as my recent clothing swap with Kinsey) and her trade page that I thought it would be an excellent way to clean out my own closet and gain some new pieces in the process without spending big bucks. Check it out to see what's to come, and I promise I'll make a big deal about it once it's up & running for real :)

Exhibit B: my life list (aka 23 things before I turn 23) has its own page that you can access without a bunch of searching to find it! The ever-so-fabulous Erin of Minx Design who designed my layout for me (who you MUST check out if you want an amazing blog re-do for a super-great deal. And even now, months after she finished my design, she still answers my incessant blog-y questions without so much as batting an eyelash. Clearly, the woman is a miracle worker.) put together an awesome photo tutorial for me on her blog so that I can finally do some html tweaks of my own-- meaning, I can now add + subtract pages as I see fit. Thus, my 23 Things has its own permanent home, and you can track my progress as often as your little heart desires!

Exhibit C: I've had a few people contact me letting me know that they weren't able to comment on my blog. The lovely Leah recommended I give disqus a try and while I've held out this far, I always, always, always, want to hear from you and don't want to make it more difficult than it need be-- so I went ahead and installed it. I'd so appreciate it if you (especially those of you having difficulties!) would let me know if it's working any better for you.

Okay-- now onto the good stuff. I've checked another thing off my life list! 
Go to a for-real wine tasting (something that should have happened long ago.)
(disclaimer: I'm not claiming to know anything about wine. My knowledge is limited to pretty labels & a vague idea of what I think is mildly icky. That said, here's what went down!)

A few weeks ago, I went to visit some family in Madison (WI, of course.) and we took a trip to the lovely Wollersheim Winery just a short trip outside of the city. I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't the rolling-hills/verdant-green-forests & Napa-esque-setting that was waiting for me when I got there! GOR-geous. 
Um, hello, pretty. 

Now, when I started drinking wine, I thought I was a white-wine only type of girl, because, hello-- fruity alcohol is the way to go. But my tastes quickly changed & I became a one-trick pony with my beloved reds. I wasn't a fan of the super-sweet or the incredibly dry whites that I'd tried, so I assumed I only enjoyed reds. But a big glass of red wine was the last thing I wanted on this 100 degree-plus day, so we went for the flight of ice-cold white wines offered at Wollersheim. 

Not only did I like them-- I LOVED them. I couldn't get enough of the dry-but-fruity Prairie Fumé (and a-herm.. may have gone back for another taste) and some others that were delicious but frankly, I was operating under heat delirium & couldn't be bothered to note-take about. Whoops. What I loved most though, was how, when stacked one against another, I actually was able to decipher why I liked certain wines above others, as opposed to my previous fall-back response of "uh... it tastes... not great." Growth. 

Turns out I like my white wine ice-cold, fruity, and dry without a hint of sugary-sweetness. Yum-o. 

Like I said-- I still wouldn't put myself in any category near knowledgeable about wine, but the experience turned out to be more than just a good-times family adventure or some silly thing to check off of a list, but an actual learning experience about something pertinent that I enjoy. Woo for big-girl activities! 

After it's all said and done: I would (and will) totally continue to wine-taste. I love that I can look at the wine list in a restaurant and have some semblance of an understand as to what I would & wouldn't enjoy, and have a basis for choosing a glass beyond just which is cheapest :) 

Are you a fan of the vino? What are your favorite wines? I want to know! I'm still a reds girl at heart & fully plan on coordinating my own potluck red wine tasting with friends once the weather cools down. Any recommendations for moi?


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