Thursday, August 18, 2011

maxi lovin'.

Well hello, lovely blogger friends! Slacker blogger Mary here with quite possibly my new favorite summer staple. Why have I not posted an outfit in a week or two, you ask? Probably because I've been wearing this dress every. single. day. (kidding. sort of.)

Dress: Kohls, Summer 11; Flats: Target, Summer 10; How's that for simple?

But let's be real for a sec: I am a relatively short girl. I've always been under the impression that a maxi dress like this one would simply eat me up and look awkward on my frame. I will say that I purchased a super clearance maxi at Target earlier in the year and did NOT love it on me-- but it just goes to show that one garment can't speak for all others like it.  Because this one makes me feel like I look even taller! And more summery! And like I've finally attained the 'oh-yes-I-am-so-chic-&-just-threw-this-on-pass-me-my-mojito' vibe I've been longing for all summer! Score.

  Long story short: it's super cute, feels like I'm wearing PJs, and I want to wear it every day of my life. The end. 

But not really the end, because when have you ever known me to be short-winded? I wore this to work (I'm a nanny) the other day, and this conversation ensued between myself & my boys (we'll call them N. & C.)
N: Mary, why are you wearing a pioneer woman's dress?
Me: ... um?
C: God, N, it's a summer dress. Like, everyone wears them. *over-dramatic sigh*

I should note that N. & C. are 10 & 12. Yep, I love them. 

How many of you thought the maxi dress wasn't for you because of your height? I can't be the only one! I am a complete and total convert now!


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