Monday, August 15, 2011

A weekend in the woods.

Every year in the middle of August, my family packs up and heads north to our little cabin in the woods. My grandpa built it maaaany years ago, and up until recently, it was a --ahem-- rustic cabin in the woods complete with no bathroom facilities and an abundance of mice sharing our abode. A few years ago, though, my uncle began rebuilding it and stocked it with not only a fully-functioning shower but a gorgeous fireplace and ample mouse-free living space. Ever since then, it's been the perfect getaway for a quick weekend here and there-- lucky for you, I'm addicted to instagram and happened to snap a few shots of our weekend while we were there :)

We hit the road-- but not without stopping at a favorite roadside cheese shop first, of course. And no north-woodsy Wisconsin town would be complete without an abundance of cheeseheads... obviously.

Sunset. Gor-geous.

Make no mistake about it-- there is nothing cuter than a small town downtown. 

There's also nothing cuter than a dog waiting for an ice cream cone to drop. Exhibit A:

We topped off the evening with a trip to the chapel in the woods, aka mass in the middle of a field. Aka, the Catholic garage. #onlyinwisconsin. Yup. 

Yum-o corn cooking on the grill-- later to become an epic s'mores fire. Mmm :) 

I woke up Sunday morning at the crack of dawn (also known as before 8 AM on a vacation/weekend) with my Mom to do some yoga on the porch. I managed to snap the sunrise on the side of the house, but I couldn't grab my phone quickly enough to document the giant bald eagle flying overhead-- trust me, it was awesome!

Aaand then my mom tested out the tire swing. Yep. 

I managed to sneak in as much enjoyment reading as I could. September is around the bend, and I only have a few more weeks of endless time for fluff reading before I have to be all academic again. Sniff, sniff.

Before I had to head out on Sunday, we managed to sneak in a quick hike in my Grandpa's pine forest. I wish I could have taken a picture just to show how massive and endless it is, but I don't think that's possible. 

Nothing like a long weekend in the north woods to clear my mind :)

Have you taken a vacation this summer? Tell me all about it! Figures as soon as I got back from mine, I'm ready for another one :)


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