Thursday, October 13, 2011

leggings and delirium.

Okay, everyone. Prepare yourself for a few sentences of serious whining here... I promise I'll drop it in a minute, but seriously. I may be the only person in the world who is peeved at this weather we've had in the midwest the last week or two, but seriously? Eighty degrees in October? I'm all for sunshine and warm weather, but if we skip straight over fall and right into snowy frigid winter without any time for me to enjoy this in-betweeny weather I am not going to be a happy camper. In an effort to fall-ify my summery wardrobe, I'm topping every outfit with leggings. Sorry, fall. I may be sweating my tush off, but I'm going to keep wearing them until the weather actually necessitates them. 

dress: vintage, thrifted; leggings: primark, london; flats: boston store
notice that weird little out-of-place bump on the side of my dress? I didn't realize it until halfway through the day, but it had caught on a doorframe or something and ripped a big ole' hole in the seaming! Luckily I made a quick stop home and stitched it up so it's good again, but I'll always have these pictures to remember my clumsiness and obliviousness

Anyways, because I do not want to be thought a major grumpy gills, let's talk about GOOD news! When I left you last, my roomie & I were still waiting to hear if we were finally free of the icky apartment (refer to here if you're confused :)), and recently we got confirmation that our old lease has been broken and we're free of all of their sludge and drudge. The day that we moved things out of the old apartment, we went hunting for a new one and found the most perfect apartment in the entire world just a few blocks away that we'll be moving into at the end of the month. In preparation, I've been going crazy pants on my pinterest with decorating inspiration and getting excited to make this new place my home! Are you on pinterest? Come find me! If I'm not sleeping, working, or at grad school, odds are I'm likely pinning the crap out of everything I can find. It's an addiction. 

I have to make a quick apology for the disjointed nature of this post-- since it truly has been a while, I'm a bit rusty at this whole thing. I trust I'll get my blogging mojo back gradually, but for now we'll just say that my slight lack of direction here is caused by heat-induced delirium, because really. It just might be. 


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