Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogger Secret Santa!

I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS. (okay, calming down :)) 

I am so excited to announce today that I'm teaming up with one of my very favorite bloggers, Viktoria of Viktoria with a K, to host an awesome Blogger Secret Santa holiday swap!


Let me say-- I adore secret santa swaps. Viktoria and I both participated in a blogger secret santa swap last year, and we both had so much fun that we decided to team up to host one for our lovely readers this year! 

Interested? Here are the deets:
We will be accepting the first 14 bloggers who comment on our posts (check Viktoria's blog today for her post about the swap!), and we will only accept 14 total, so if you're interested, comment ASAP! You must include your email address in your comment so that we can contact you. Viktoria and I will also be participating in the swap, for a total of 16 gorgeous, stylish, and awesome bloggers secret santa-ing.

We'll email you with a quick questionnaire to fill out about what sorts of things you might like to receive from your swap, your interests, etc, as well as the dates & details of the swap. After we've got everyone together, we'll send out emails to everyone telling you who you'll be gifting to-- but who will be sending you your gift will be a surprise until you receive it!

You must send your gift to your secret santa by Wednesday, Dec 21. You also must commit to writing a blog post about what you by the time January is over (earlier is great!). We really want to see what you've all gotten from your secret santas!

Spend no more than $15 on your secret santa-- we're all thrifty girls (and guys!) and it's fun to find a great deal, especially when you can gift that great deal to someone else. Also, Viktoria and I both are poor grad students :)

Now for some fun extras:
We'd love for you to spread the word about our project! The more bloggers who participate, the more fun it will be for everyone :) Feel free to grab this icon for your blog & spread the word about our swap if you'd like (or just because it's cute, whatevs)! 

Also, we'll be putting together great gift ideas under $15 on pinterest for the next few weeks during the duration of the swap. Check it out if you're stumped for ideas, and drop me a line if you'd like to be a contributor! 

We are so excited to get going, and can't wait to collaborate with such beautiful, incredible bloggers on such a fun project! 


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