Monday, December 5, 2011

Radvent: Caring

Here's the thing. I care about a lot of things. I care about plenty of good things, like my friends and family and cat and savings account, and taking care of my body, and being happy, and finding shoes on sale or making the most delicious grilled cheese. But I also care about a lot of icky stuff that is kind of a time-waster in the long run, like trying to please everyone and the lack of ca-ching currently on my debit card and being lint-free, all the time. 

So when I read this radvent prompt about caring, I thought, huh. This is all well and good and lovely, but I don't really feel like writing about any of it. Until I got to the last three lines. List the things you don't give a sh*t about. Seriously? That's kind of awesome. I have to admit, this was a little daunting. I've spent a big chunk of my life respectively caring/not caring about things based on the opinions of those around me, and I've finally shook that off and am beginning to form some own radical opinion of my own. 

But still. It's not like I sit down and list all of the things that I used to care about and I no longer care about. So this was a little intimidating.
But can I say: wheeeeeee! It was super freeing. I highly recommend you do it too. 

Things I don't give a sh*t about:
Hockey. Sorry, Minnesota. 
Fancy things. Yes, I like things. Even nice things. But I could really care less if my eyeshadow costs $2 and not $22, or whether or not my wine came straight from the cellar or Trader Joe's. 
(addendum: things I do give a sh*t about: finding a good deal!)
The exclusivity of my music collection. I like music, a lot. I have a massive iTunes library filled with artists that even the pickiest music connoisseurs would enjoy. I also have every single Dave Matthews cd and a plethora of Taylor Swift, and the list goes on and on. Quite frankly, it is super boring to pretend to only like music that would make it on pitchfork. I like what I like, and that is that.
Whether or not my scarf matches my hat, matches my mittens. I have no matching sets, and I look like a rainbow. I am perfectly fine with that. 

PHEW. That was awesome.
Also: if you love fancy things and matching winter accessories and pitchfork, I think that is AWESOME. You most likely don't give a sh*t about things that I adore. That's what makes this so great :)
I want to hear it! What don't you give a sh*t about?


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