Monday, January 16, 2012


If we wait until we’re ready, 
we’ll be waiting for the 
rest of our lives.
-Lemony Snicket

tee: kohls; skirt: ny&co; scarf: gift; tights: kohls; shoes: m&s (london)

The morning before 2012 began, instead of resting up for the night ahead, I was in yoga class. Our instructor (my sister!), as she got us ready for the practice ahead, encouraged us to find a word that we would set as our intention for the year ahead. You all know how much I love a good resolution, but finding this perfect word was more difficult to do. I couldn't just pick a word for January, or for the spring, no; I needed to look at the year ahead of me and decide exactly how I planned to live my life.

I ran the gamut of all of the positive, hopeful words I knew, hoping to settle on something that felt right before we began our first downward dog. None of the deliberate words seemed to fit. I only had one word, and I wanted it to be one that could carry me through whatever the next 365 days had in store. Focused and forward were too harsh. Present, though beautiful and admirable, sounded too passive. And then my eye caught the sun out the big picture window, through the cracks in the trees, and it was obvious: bright. So much of my everyday gets muddled in the dirt, caught up in the physical things tying me down that I can find it easy to forget and look up and see the sun. Unlike the other resolutions I set, I can't write down 23 easy steps to being brighter, and frankly, I like that. Bright means fun, it means happiness and lightness and gentle understanding of the way life works out. It means colored tights and bright scarves just because that is who I am. It means surrounding myself with people I love and doing things that I love to do, and leaving no room for the things that don't add to the goodness. And though it's only been a few short weeks since the year began, the bright is still here, and only grows more everyday-- for that, I couldn't be more grateful.

have you picked a word for 2012? let's hear it! 


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