Saturday, January 14, 2012

#janphotoaday: week 2 recap

1/9/12: daily routine
tea + how i met your mother on in the background while I get ready in the morning :)

1/10/12: childhood
I'm the one in a sweatshirt, on a lake, in the middle of summer, perfecting my blerg face from a young age. 

1/11/12: where you sleep
cozy, complete with cat. 

1/12/12: close-up
see above reference: blerg face. 

1/13/12: in your bag
kindle, planner, bag of lipstick (seriously), wallet, mittens, checkbook (yes, I'm 82), etc. 

1/14/12: what I'm reading
three books at once, nothing even slightly academic. thank you, winter break, and thank you, library lending for kindle books. 

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