Sunday, January 8, 2012


This week, I stumbled upon fatmumslim's january photo-a-day challenge on instagram, and since I've been slacking on documenting the little moments lately, I thought it would be the perfect way to kick off the first month of the new year! Each week, I'll post a little recap of the pictures I've taken so far. 

1/1/12: You
with some of my oldest friends :)

1/2/12: breakfast
once someone told me that it's good luck to eat a pomegranate on the first day of the new year, so of course it's the first thing I eat when 1/1 rolls around :)

1/3/12: something you adore
my nanny kids shuffled into the kitchen pretending to be a dragon, roared at me, and then bumped into the wall. I adored it. 

1/4/12: letterbox
my mailbox may only be able to hold two standard-sized letter at a time, but sweet jeeps is it cute!

1/5/12: something you wore
why, yes, I am standing on a stool in a bathroom to get this picture. 

1/6/12: makes you smile
this picture, my sister, her sneaky dog, puppy kisses. 

1/7/12: favorite
my neighborhood, the sunshine, warm weather in january

1/8/12: your sky 
abundantly beautiful. 

follow me on twitter or instagram to check in with my progress (@marebel623) or use ink361 on your computer if you're not an instagram-er yourself.  


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