Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secret Santa Blogger

Ho.ly. buckets. I got my secret santa blogger gift today from the super-awesome Carolyn and I could not WAIT to share! 

Does that girl know me, or does she KNOW me? Seriously, a print of Big Ben on a book page all cute and vintage-y? I adore this. Thank you so much, Carolyn! I love it. 

Doing this secret santa swap has been so much fun-- major thanks for Viktoria for being a super-awesome co-organizer, and to everyone that participated for being so great. 

To all of our lovely participants, don't forget to blog about what you received! Feel free to share you link to your post in the comments below, and in a few weeks (by the end of January) I'll be writing up a little wrap-up post including a blog-share of all of our participants and what they received. Thanks again, everyone!


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