Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confessions of a style blogger, part IV

Well hello there!

Sweet jeeps, guys, it's been almost a year since we've played my favorite game, Confessions of a Style Blogger! (I know, I know, what a way to come back from two weeks of radio silence. What can I say? I'm enthusiastic. :)) If you're new around these here parts, I occasionally write a post full of random facts about moi and invite you to play along in the comments. Without further adieu: confessions, part IV. 

tee: ON, spring 11; skirt: ON; winter 12; tights: hautelook, fall 11; heels: payless; forever ago

1. Sweeping declaration: fleece-lined tights are the GREATEST THING, guys. Seriously. Sometimes when I'm lazy and tired I just walk around my apartment in a pair of leggings and a giant sweatshirt, but I think I may have found my new comfiest article of clothing. Sorry I'm not sorry, leggings. Also, sorry I'm not sorry, last shred of dignity. 

2. In our last episode of confessions, I proclaimed that my first official big girl apartment would have an entire cabinet devoted to tea. I completely forgot about that until three seconds ago when I dug that old post up from the dusty old archives, and let me tell you! Project: tea cabinet is well underway, just ask my roommate. The largest shelf in our pantry is completely filled with tea. I like to joke that I could feed an entire army with my tea stash... so if you know any armies that would like to have a tea party at my apartment, let me know.  

3. I totally bought this skirt with this pairing in mind. Who has two thumbs and bought a striped skirt far too long for her 5'4" figure just to pair with a striped shirt? This girl. Also, I've discovered I can't wear this with anything shorter than a 4" heel. Dear LORD, please help my poor, poor feet. (Also: help! Styling ideas for this that don't involve seizure-inducing pattern mixing?)

 4. Speaking of roommate shenanigans: Sara & I took our first trip to our local bodega (just kidding... it's just a corner market. But bodega sounds cooler.) and ran through it rampantly like first year college students who had never been grocery shopping for ourselves before. I believe we bought two bags of taco chips, a single can of la croix, and the ingredients for poutine. I promise you, we are civilized adults with day jobs who make valuable contributions to society, but for some reason the realization that we could buy slightly overpriced milk and goldfish crackers a mere three blocks from our apartment was too much to handle. (ps. She took these pictures! Is this girl crazy talented or what? Just assume any time my pictures don't look like I snapped them haphazardly in the half-dark, Sara took them.) 

That's it for me (ahem-- this time.) Let's hear it! What are your confessions? 


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