Monday, February 6, 2012

A weekend in photos: road trip

For the last five years, my best friend and I have lived at least ninety miles apart, so we've gotten extremely good at the art of the mini-weekend road trip. When we both graduated from college last May, I moved six hours south to Milwaukee, and she moved four hours south from her college town-- voila! Still a magic ninety miles apart, still no big deal for a weekend road trip :) I was so SO excited to visit her (and some other friends) this weekend that I barely remembered to snap any pictures, but I did manage to document a little bit of my trip!

It all begins with a perfectly sunny Saturday to drive, a big mug of tea, and my thank-god-I'm-the-only-one-in-the-car-I'm-singing-so-loud sing-a-longs to whatever is on my iPod.

First stop: delicious brunch with miss Clare of the now-defunct (sniff, sniff) blog, Between Laundry Days. I was lucky enough to meet Clare in real life a few years ago when she was in my hometown for a visit and was so pumped to get to see her again on this trip. I've said it before, I'll say it again: she is kind of the most awesome person in the world. We talked about everything from blogging to grad school to maxi skirts over the world's most incredible scones and it. was. wonderful. After brunch, we made a quick stop at a massive thrift store close by-- let me tell you, thrifting with fellow (or former) bloggers is the best way to do it. It was so so fun and I realize that I am one lucky girl to have her so close by! (although, note to self: remember to snap a picture together next time!) 

Next up: meeting up with my friend and heading to yet another thrift store with her to help her pick up some furniture she'd bought earlier that week. We bided our time there by making googly eyes at vintage china sets, taking pictures of ridiculous people-shaped quilts (I'm serious) and reading cheese-themed mystery novels, of course. 

Next stop: beer! (We do live in Wisconsin, you know.) Also, there was food, but we, ahem, may have eaten it before I thought to take a picture.

The next morning, I had to leave bright & early, but of course still had people to see! I picked up friend #3 for scones at the same place I'd been the morning before (I'm a bit obsessed. It's becoming a problem.) and forced him to partake in my #febphotoaday project (this particular one was what I was doing at 10 AM: which was eating scones and forcing him to be in my picture. What a good sport.) 

And then it was on the road again! And you guessed it: more singing. Why do I always appear to be the only one driving and singing to myself? Anyone? Bueller? 

A quick walk to the market to pick up a few things for a dinner party I was having later that night (confession: I am a chronic schedule over-booker), wherein I proclaimed it to be the PERFECT late winter-early spring weather. Yes, I'm aware we're supposed to get snow here in WI tomorrow. Shhh. 

And finally, apron on, apartment clean, homemade pot pie in the oven, I morphed into a housewife from the 50s. The dinner party was lovely and a perfect way to finish the weekend :)

PHEW! What were you up to this weekend?
(also: are you on instagram? Let me know!) 


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