Saturday, April 14, 2012

new york blogger trip: a quick recap :)

I am about a thousand days late on posting this, loves, but I just had to give a quick recap of my most recent adventure! A few weeks ago, I took a long weekend trip to NYC to visit my super awesome friend, Bailey. We met a few years ago (one, two? I can't remember) through our blogs. Yes, that's right-- we are internet-turned-real-life friends. I just can't even describe what sweet, sweet kismet it is that she and I have gotten to know each other when we would clearly never have met sans internet. I started reading Bailey's blog, or maybe she started reading mine-- I honestly can't remember. And over the course of a while, we went from just comment posting to emails about real life and our shared love for Liz Lemon.  Bailey is also a recent college grad, and after college in an act of pure incredibleness, she packed up her entire life and moved to NYC. We had joked about me coming to visit her, but when it came that I had a few days off from grad school/work and a hot tip on cheap airline deals, I couldn't not--so off I went! 

Long story short: it was the greatest of all great-y great trips, and I had an incredible time just relaxing, enjoying the sunshine, and getting to see NYC through the eyes of a local. In an attempt to be better at documenting my life, I made sure to instagram-it-up over the weekend-- below are a few highlights :)

1. we took a trip on the staten island ferry to see the statue of liberty-- an awesome (and free!) way to sightsee, plus seeing the fog break over the city: incredible.   2. on the boat! aren't we cute?   3. & 4. hanging out in central park, enjoying the sunshine, gawking at puppies and laughing about something that was really funny at the time, but for the life of me I can't remember now.   5. hangin' out by the empire state bldg.   6. union square people watching, sucking down a jamba juice faster than I have ever eaten anything ever (we were thirsty.)   7. the greatest waffle I have ever eaten in my entire life (and I don't even really like waffles, let's be real)   8. the home of the greatest waffle I have ever eaten in my entire life (it's a waffle truck! i die.)   9. in transit/home sweet pancake :) 

not pictured: getting lost acquainting ourselves with the streets of astoria trying to find a st. patty's day party, said st. patty's day party, hummus wraps so big and delicious that I would (and could) like to just eat them forever and ever amen, making homemade macaroni + bacon (um, the best.), wandering around the world's biggest, most beautiful bookstore, realizing that your once-internet friend is totally now a real-life friend and you can call each other to talk about life and how ridiculous sheer skirts are (true story) :)

ps. bailey has the world's most adorable etsy shop, ever. i highly, highly recommend you check it out!


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