Saturday, April 28, 2012

zero to crunchy: le face, pt. 2

Last time on zero to crunchy, I let you all in on my very favorite, only-a-teeny-bit-squeamy new way to wash my face. But as much as I'd like it to, my face cannot solely exist on oil + um... oil alone. The first few months, I was frantically searching for a way to replace every single thing I used to use in my skincare routine. Toner, moisturizer, spot treatment, weekly scrub-- I couldn't imagine not needing these things, so I went crazy trying all sorts of natural replacements. As time has gone on, I've realized that I only need a fraction of these things from time to time, but occasionally, replacements are necessary. Read on for my new favorite swaps!

regular astringent/toner : raw ACV+ water
I was never really a regular toner-user, prior to going natural with my face products. I usually always had a bottle on hand, but was terrible at remembering to use it, and it usually just sat untouched in my medicine cabinet. That being said, I do go in phases of feeling like I need a little extra cleanliness, so I wanted to make sure I had a natural replacement on hand. I will eventually write an entire post devoted to my love for Braggs' raw apple cider vinegar, but for now, let's just talk toner. Because my skin is a little bit sensitive, I mix it in a spray bottle with about four parts water to one part vinegar, store in the fridge, and spritz on a cotton pad to use whenever I feel the need to tone. Two important caveats: you may not want to make an entire bottle until you have the proportions correct-- everyone's skin is different, and may react differently. Also, you may be able to use regular acv, but braggs' is less tampered with, and therefore it's just going to be better for your skin. Trader Joe's also makes a raw acv that is comparable, if you can't find Braggs. 

notoriously scrubby apricot scrub : local honey (if you don't have local, just make sure it's good quality & not just honey-flavored syrup!) 

What's that, you say? Honey isn't even remotely close to that oh-so-terrible-for-yer-face-but-so-addicting apricot scrub?  I know. I feel ya. In the last few years I finally ditched my harsh exfoliators for something much more mild, but I still wasn't doing my skin any favors. I discovered the honey challenge on my favorite natural beauty blog, Crunchy Betty , and I had to give it a try. Honey is aaaawesome for your skin, and acts as a natural toner/exfoliator/moisturizer/glow-inducer (I know, right?). About once a week, I replace my morning water-only face wash with honey-- note: I do this in the AM because honey won't take your makeup off, but if you aren't a makeup wearer, go to town whenevah you feel like it. I just take a quarter-sized drop in my fingers, rub on my face, and wash off with water. You will be shocked at how easily the honey washes off-- seriously. I didn't believe it until I tried it. (disclaimer: pull all-- and I mean all-- your hair back off of your face, because honey doesn't wash quiiiite as easily out of those little baby hairs-- ask me how I know.) Seriously. Amazing. Look at your glowy, clean, bea-yoou-ti-ful skin, and thank me later. 

salicylic acid : raw acv on a cotton swab
This one is pretty basic-- although now that I've switched from chemical-ly products, I rarely have any spots to treat-- #miracle! But when I do (hello, stress spots, I hate choo.), all I do is dip my cotton swab in a bit of water, then in a bit of acv, and dab on my spot. The next morning, spot is either gone or considerably smaller. WIN. Note: do not do this on open spots, because OW. (again-- ask me how I know.) 

plain moisturizer : jojoba oil
This is one I struggled with a bit at first. My regular moisturizer was gentle enough to keep using, but still full of gunk. Coconut oil made my skin feel AWESOME, but it made me break out (if you don't have sensitive skin, though-- use it. SO. SOFT.) I've realized that I don't really need moisturizer anymore. If I give my skin a minute to chill out after I've washed it, I realized that it doesn't really need any excess moisturizer, it can take care of that naturally. And in the mornings, my skin is nice and fresh from sleep + the water I use to wash doesn't strip any of those good oils. So normally: I don't use it. (this coming from an ex-moisturizer junkie! for reals.) But when I get the random patchy dryness, I take a drop-- ONE or two is all you need-- of jojoba oil, rub in between my fingers, and pat on the dry spots only. Dryness = fixed. Voila!

What are your favorite natural face-product swaps? 


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