Thursday, May 3, 2012

three years.

It's so funny to me that I've been blogging for three years.

(And yes, I know-- I've only been writing on b+b for a few months shy of a year, but I'm going to shamelessly play the 'my blog, my rules' card here. Three years ago today, I started undergrad fab, and thus, we celebrate. :))

my first outfit photo. no worries that you can barely even see my clothes. 

I look at this first picture; what I wore on my very first day of blogging. I felt so old then-- but look at me! Such a baby! And also before I figured out how to prop my camera on a waist-high surface, much less a tripod. I was a sophomore in college, living in a teeny two bedroom apartment with three other girls, sneaking in my outfit pictures when my roommate was out at class. I started blogging because I needed something to bring me out of the normalcy of being a nineteen year old college student, and for the first time in a long time, I had a hobby that I was thoroughly, annoyingly, madly in loooove with.

My first year of blogging went by like molasses-- and I spent half of it studying abroad in London. I look back at these pictures, shocked-- all of that happened in one year?! It is incredible to me the amount of growth that occurred in that twelve month time span. In this picture, I had just gotten back from London, and was spending a week in Minneapolis to take care of business-- it was a thoroughly awesome week, full of lengthy coffee dates with old friends, catching up on the final season of LOST (sniff, sniff) that I had missed while living abroad, spending quality time with my MN family, and showing my plethora of pictures to basically anyone who would sit & listen to me ramble.

And last year-- oh, last year. My time living in Minnesota was juuust about up, with my graduation + impending move back to Milwaukee imminent. My blog-o-versary coincided with the very last meeting of the student group I lead-- I remember, because I have some very incriminating Charlie's Angels-style pictures of my students and I-- and I was wearing this exact outfit. I am a nostalgic person by nature, but it was quite possibly the MOST excited + bummed (read: emotional rollercoaster-y) I have ever been at once-- like I had to take a mental snapshot of every last thing I did in Minneapolis lest I forget about it. I was simultaneously overflowing with love for the end of this crazy chapter of my life, ready to start a new one, and terrified of all the changes I was about to be pushed into, headfirst.

And now what I wore today, three years bloggin':

I am older (but I'm sure I'll look back three years from now and scoff at what a youngin' I was), happier, a little more understanding of the process of this life. When I began, I can guarantee you I never imagined that three years later, I would still be blogging about my clothes, myself-- my life. I wonder what I'll remember of this day, of this year, when I look back. Will I remember what a (slightly rocky, thoroughly awesome) transition this year has been? Or will I just remember how abundantly grateful I am every day that this is the life I get to live? I can't say that this year has been easy, but I can't deny how incredible it's been either.

Here's to another year-- I can't say where I'll be, but I can be certain it's going to be good :)


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