Monday, June 11, 2012

five quick ways to make waking up suck less

Here's a thing about me: I love mornings. Like, loooove them. In college, I used to purposely sign up for 8 AM classes because there is nothing I love more than being up & out and around before everyone else. And if you're up at 8 AM on a college campus, I can guarantee you're up before everyone else.

But while I love being up early, there is nothing I loathe more than the actual act of getting up early. Those ten seconds between when my alarm goes off and actually getting out of bed are quite possibly the most annoying seconds of my day. And because I like to be obnoxiously cheerful in most aspects of my life, I decided this slightly bummer part of my morning needed fixing. And thus! My five surefire ways to Make Mornings Suck Less :)

1. Get up the first time you wake up. By this I mean if you naturally wake up at 5:30 AM, get up. Don't try to fall back asleep until 6 AM only to be blasted awake by your alarm clock, subsequently hitting the snooze button seven times until you must run out of your bed in order to have enough time to get ready. I've learned time and time again that even though the extra minutes of snooze might seem tempting-- they're not worth it & they rarely help. There's a reason your body wants you to get up when it wakes up the first time-- because it's ready!

2. Spend three minutes hangin' out in bed before you actually get up. Yup, this one is one of my faves. Rather than jolt right out of bed, I allow for at least a few minutes of book reading/blog perusing/kitty snuggling before I actually get up. It makes the actual act of getting out of bed seem SO. MUCH. LESS. ICKY. if I have a minute or two to adjust myself to the fact that sleeps are over and I must start my day like a real person. 

3. Dry brush. My sweet sister bought me a dry brush mitt a few weeks ago and ever since, I've been LOVING the addition of it to my morning routine. It warms me up, makes my skin feel smooooth, and helps your body along in its natural lymph detoxification everyday. Watch this video for more info! (ps. I got my mitt from Whole Foods-- but any hippie dippie store will have a brush or mitt :))

4. Drink some tea, fer cryin' out loud (or whatever floats your boat). When I was living abroad, this was a non-negotiable. I had tea everyday, at least three times a day, but lost the habit when I moved back home. I've never been a regular coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a good cup of English Breakfast to start my day. Because this is a habit that I usually only have time for on a leisurely morning, leaving a little time for it on a regular old work morning feels like such a treat. When I'm feeling extra-healthy, I have hot water with lemon. When I'm feeling extra-zombie-face, I'll bring out the big guns (ie. coffee :))

5. Jam out to your favorite tunes. I'm a music person. When I get sputtery-mad or uber-emotional and have trouble using my words, there is usually a song that can say it better than I ever could. The same goes for the good times-- starting my day with some happy music starts me off on the best foot possible, and bonus! Rather than whatever junk I heard on the radio that morning, I actually have a say in what music I'll have stuck in my head all day :) Might I suggest something cheery, like Feist or Michael Franti

How do you ensure your waking-up-on-the-right-side-of-the-bed? Anything to add to my list of tips?


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