Monday, June 4, 2012

good things come to those who thrift: a tunic story.

 I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking, 'CERTAINLY this girl simply must not be wearing clothes anymore, for if she were, surely she would have posted about it at least a little bit in the last two months.'


I know. I KNOW. Contrary to popular belief, I have been wearing clothes. They were likely repeats of all of the outfits I've worn & documented on this here blog over the last three years, and thus-- nothing special. Which is how I've been feeling about my wardrobe lately: meh. Nothing special.

tunic: thrifted; leggings: kohls; sandals: target

Until. UNTIL! I remembered that being a broke graduate student is not the same as actually having no money, and that with a little careful thrifting, I could stop my whining and get a few new things for less than the price of a cd's worth of awful radio pop (ask me about my latest terrible impulse purchases). 

ps. who else is a fan of that gorgeous papasan chair in the background? that we found. behind our apartment building. for FREEE. i'll live in it, i tell ya. 

And so, my friend and I headed off to a massive Goodwill out in the 'burbs where I not only scored the world's cutest vintage polka-dot shirt as well as a slew of other goodies, but ALSO this brand-new Lilly Pullitzer tunic for a mere $4. I may or may not have done a happy dance right there in the fitting room.

Moral of the story: good things come to those who wait, like $4 tunics to moi from fancy ladies who donate them to their local goodwill. However, good things good clothes do not just randomly appear to those who wait & whine about the state of their closet without actually purchasing anything (ahem, future Mary who will inevitably have this same epiphany when she gets sick of her closet again in six months.) 

Let's hear it: had any fantastic thrift-y finds lately? You know I love a good bargain-hunt story! :)


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