Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where I'm From

I am from hand-me-down books, from jiffy cake mix and peanut butter toast every morning before school.

I am from that old cabin in the woods, the one with moth-eaten curtains and a washtub for a bathtub and the tire swing that twirled and thumped the ground instead of taking flight.

I am from the treehouse in the willow in the field, the pansies growing in pots on the pathway to the door.

I am from hiding the pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and smooshed freckled noses, from Gertrude and Andrew and Johanna and Terese.

I am from the last-to-hear-its and the terrible-joke-makers.

From 'eat your bread crusts-- they'll make your cheeks rosy' and 'your face will freeze that way'.

From twilight bike rides and caught fireflies and pinky promises in forts under the pine trees. 

I am from Saturday evening Catholicism and Sunday morning chocolate chip pancakes and finding God in the forest as much as you find him in church. 

I'm from the dairy state, from hearty stock that populated it, from spaetzle and spritz cookies.

From shared smuggled popcorn under the covers after bedtime, from a Grandfather I've never met but whose nose and tenacity I share, they tell me; from the whispers between sisters on a trampoline under the stars.

I am from the boxes of photos on the top closet shelf, from the case of dusty VHS tapes that bears my name, from roots and from wings. There is where I am from. 

Where I'm From is a poetry project inspired by George Ella Lyon. If you'd like to write you own, this template is a great starting point. 


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