Wednesday, August 22, 2012

daily outfit: fancy pants

Whatever you are,
be a good one.
--Abraham Lincoln

cardigan: ny&co; tank: kohls; trouser jeans: gap; bracelet: gift

Have I mentioned lately how few occasions in my life necessitate fancy wear? Enough that I count things like wrinkly trouser jeans and medium height heels 'fancy wear', if that tells you anything. For reals, though: being a nanny and a graduate student is about as un-fancy as you'd imagine. And also a little messy. And require equal amount of constantly running around & playing with little ones and sitting my tush in the library for hours on end, both of which necessitate cute, functional comfort, and that's about it. Can you tell I miss dressing up even a liiiittle bit? Because I do. 

So when I had the opportunity to attend an event that, while still casual-ish, didn't require my clothes to be stretchy or spill-proof, I gleefully danced around in my mid-height heels for a solid ten minutes.

Also, yes, wrinkly pants. I have the patience of a baby squirrel and thus, if I have to 1) take out my iron 2) fill it with water 3) fashion an ironing board out of my coffee table 4) ACTUALLY IRON THINGS it's probably not going to happen. I'm just going to pretend nobody noticed and instead you were distracted by how cute baby squirrels are. Yes? Good. 

I'm curious: how often do you mix/play with different 'themes' in your wardrobe? Do you wear fancy dresses to coffee shops? Help me shake things up a bit!  


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