Saturday, December 29, 2012

daily outfit (+ video!): red dress

A few weeks ago, it was crazy warm for winter in WI (read: 40 degrees. WHAT!) so Sara &  I ventured out for a little outfit of the day video goodness. If it's not abundantly clear by the ridiculous vlogs we make together, Sara is a youtuber and crazy talented at making videos... so of course, as her friend, I have to take advantage of her skills as often as possible :) We had a great time romping around the wilderness and getting crazy looks from fellow park-goers... never a dull moment when we are together, clearly. Thanks to Sara for filming + editing-- click on her name above to see the video I shot for her! 

Yet again, my hair doesn't look like this anymore because it grows like a weed... 
perhaps someday I'll post things in a timely fashion so you actually know what I currently look like? 

outfit details: jacket: consigned; dress: fred mke; leggings: kohls; boots: target


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