Friday, December 21, 2012

review: I might be a hipster (and free glasses for all of you!)

Last year, my eye doctor told me I had to go from being a contacts-everyday-no-matter-what wearer to glasses everyday, indefinitely. Suddenly, my cute & quirky glasses went from being a fun accessory to an absolutely necessity, and I realized how important it was to really feel comfortable & like me in whatever I was wearing on mah face. My glasses, like my curly hair and affinity for stupid puns, had suddenly become something I identified with, not only in my appearance but my personality as well. Since then, I've been searching for inexpensive ways to add to my arsenal of eyewear as an accessory. When contacted me to try a pair of glasses for free, I jumped at the chance-- and I love them! Read on for my experience (and how you-- ahem, all of you-- can get a pair for free for yourself!) 

Firmoo had tons of options, which I loved. All of their glasses are inexpensive to begin with, they have tons of styles, a virtual try-on program (so that you can see how you'd look in your glasses), & great selection of prescription & non-prescription glasses & sunglasses. By far, my favorite part of picking these glasses was that because they were inexpensively priced to begin with, I could go out a bit on a limb style-wise (hello, I now am walking a fine line between here & hipster-land) and not feel like I'd made a huge commitment to fancy glasses that I had to wear forever & ever. I chose these, and within a week they were delivered to my apartment, with all of the lovely goodies you see above! The good news? I adore them. 

They're super cute, excellent quality, a great way to change things up on the daily, and I get loads of compliments every time I wear them, which, hello, is always nice. I've always been the type of girl to have one go-to accessory (one purse, one great pair of boots, one stellar pair of glasses) and wear it til it's worn out, but I've quickly learned that having a few pairs of glasses in your arsenal makes accessorizing so much more fun. I will absolutely be spending some of my own money on a few more pairs of glasses from firmoo just to have around for when I feel like changing things up! 

The best part, though, is that firmoo offers a first-pair-free promotion to all new customers-- all you pay are shipping costs. Check it out here-- and promise me you'll report back with your cutie patootie pictures when you get your new glasses! 

(Per usual: I was given these glasses at no cost to me in return for my honest opinion & review, which this is!)


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