Tuesday, January 1, 2013

21 Day Sugar Detox: a preamble.

So, resolutions. We know I love them. What is the new year if not an excellent time to jump out of your comfort zone? I don't reserve resolutions for the new year & try to make my life chock full of new things as often as I can, but when I stumbled upon the 21 Day Sugar Detox happening in the first month of 2013, I knew it would be an awesome experiment for the new year. I wasn't planning on blogging about this, but here we are. I think it will be a good thing to talk about it, to share my experience & some delicious recipes-- and, being that I don't often talk much about how I eat or why I choose to do so, I thought this might be a nice introduction. There will be no talk of accountability, good/bad eating, etc-- those that know me know that talk like that does not sit well with me. I'm not hoping to convert anyone, just sharing my experiences, so in return I hope you can respect if we have different feelings about the foods we all choose to eat :) 

A brief primer, if you're interested: I eat a whole, unprocessed, real-foods diet (most of the time :)) that shies away from grains & legumes for their anti-nutrient properties. If you're interested in learning more, please email me! I will send you loads of resources. The 21 Day Sugar Detox is based on this way of eating (but has adaptations for vegetarians, newbies, pregnant/nursing mamas, etc.), and is a real-foods, real-life way to clean up your diet by eliminating all sources of sugar for three weeks. Kind of intense, but many people smarter than I have explained so much about the detrimental effects of sugar on your body, and I know that a lifestyle addicted to sugar is not one that I want to lead. While I think it may naturally happen, this is not about weight loss for me-- it's about resetting some buttons, making headway towards healing my body naturally from the inside out & breaking some unhealthy patterns. 

Here is where I'm dipping my toes into some uncharted territories: I, by design, absolutely do NOT talk about my history with food, dieting, weight, and other such touchy subjects here, mainly because it is a rocky, scary history that I'm not necessarily ready to share. The internet can be an intimidating place, and these are vulnerable parts of me-- but I'd like to start here and see what happens. 

Because this has gotten a bit deeper than I was expecting, I will say this: while I love me some dried fruit & dark chocolate, I don't think that I'm incredibly dependent on sugar-- but we shall see. If this were a 21 Day Cheese Detox, though... I may not be as successful ;) 

If this is not your jam, I totally understand-- regularly scheduled, pretty outfit/crunchy granola posting will still be taking place on a regular basis. But if you're at all interested or curious about my experiment, I would love to have you along on this journey with me! Wish me luck :)

(Note: None of these links are affiliate links or anything like that, I'm not being compensated in any way to talk about my experiences, just providing as much info as I can & sharing my experiences!) 


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