Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recipe: grain-free 'pad thai' (or close enough)

Whoa. Yesterday was... awesome. First of all, hello new readers! And thank you-- really, so much-- to everyone who commented, tweeted, emailed, sent good juju, etc. to me after my post yesterday. All of your comments and heartfelt responses meant so much to me, and only made it that much easier to publicly share something that I have been holding back on talking about for a very long time. It is my goal to respond to you all individually, so if you haven't heard back from me yet-- just wait! It's coming :)

Now! With that being said, let's move onto something a little lighter today, shall we? Pad Thai. I mean, yum. In my pre-grain-free days, pasta and I were BFFs. The giant swimming pool o' mac & cheese at Noodles & Co used to be maybe my favorite fast comfort food EVER. Unfortunately, when I do dabble in the art of refined carbs now, they just tastes blah and bland to me. But that doesn't mean I still don't love a warm, quick, 'pasta-ish' meal from time to time. And thus was born this veggie-based pad thai* that I am humbly deeming the best thing ever. Even better-- for those of you following a no-sugar protocol like myself, it's the perfect quick and easy meal that still fits every specification.

Grain-free Pad Thai
adapted to be paleo-friendly 
from this recipe
- 2 c. shredded green cabbage
- 1-2 c. sliced mushrooms (optional veg: sprouts, carrots, peas, seriously--go nuts.)
- crushed or minced garlic
- Coconut Aminos or Wheat-free Tamari
- 1 Egg
- Garnish: hot sauce, a squeeze of lime, cilantro, etc.

In a hot pan, melt some a cooking oil (my favorites are coconut oil, ghee, or grassfed butter), toss in your mushrooms and cook down until desired softness. Remove from pan, add in garlic to taste and shredded cabbage. Cook until cabbage has begun to soften, but still has a little bit of a crunch. Add a few shakes of coconut aminos or tamari to taste, and then move cabbage off to the sides of the pan, leaving a small hole in the middle for your egg. Crack egg into middle of the pan, and begin to scramble, slowly incorporating cabbage from the sides of the pan until fully mixed. Add mushrooms back in. (Extra protein in this dish would be delish-- I just didn't have any on hand. Chicken, shrimp, whatever floats your boat!) Garnish with a squeeze of lime, cilantro, and a few generous shakes of hot sauce (you can use sriracha if you'd like, but let's be real: all I had on hand was Frank's and it was still delish. I heart choo, hot sauce). Enjoy!

*let me just say right now: I get it.  I know this isn't really pad thai-- I know it's not authentic and there aren't even peanuts, for crying out loud, but it is an excellent substitution, and a great way to get lots of veggies & good stuff in, deliciously!


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