Monday, January 21, 2013

zero to crunchy: all-natural chocolate dry shampoo

Alright, so let's merge some worlds here: I've been abstaining from sugar for 21 days now, and it's been mostly lovely. But some things are hard and fast facts, like how I don't care how long you've kept it from me, I will always want all the chocolate (and all the cheese. But that's another post for another day). In order to keep myself sane while my sweet tooth took a vacay, I've been indulging in other avenues of chocolate-y goodness. Enter: chocolate dry shampoo.

I grew up with just a mess of crazy, easily-manipulated-by-the-elements curly hair-- which, if you'll notice, I still have. But switching from conventional products to my own, homemade hippie woo-woo concoctions have helped tremendously in the manageability of my hair, and for the most part, I use zero cream/gel/external products on it anymore-- except for this one. Besides working as an awesome all-natural dry shampoo, this is a great mid-day texturizer, volumizer, de-greaser, etc. Also, bonus! I nearly always get complimented on how good my hair smells. Find me one drugstore product that makes you smell like cookies-- sorry, Clairol. We win this one.

Chocolate Dry Shampoo
(obviously, works best for brunettes/redheads + darker--light-haired adaptation below!) 
1/2 c. cocoa powder (any kind)
2 T. cornstarch or arrowroot powder
-Mix. Store in glass jar. Sprinkle a teeny bit in your hand, put it on your hairs. Le end.

For light hair: The cornstarch/arrowroot powder is your main ingredient here-- you will lose a little bit of the benefit from the cocoa powder, but not a whole lot. You can mix your cornstarch/arrowroot with baking soda in a 4:1 ratio if you'd like, but my favorite adaptation is to simply add essential oils to your cornstarch. See below for a list of my favorites!

Notes & Adaptations: 
-You want an 8:1 ratio here, so if you choose to make more, just follow those specifications. Just know that a half cup lasts an incredibly long time-- I've been using this for a year & I'm only halfway through the bottle!
-If you want to scent your dry shampoo even more, try adding a few drops (start with 3 drops, go up from there) of essential oils. If you're adding to your cocoa powder-based shampoo, my favorites are peppermint oil or sweet orange oil, but feel free to experiment with others if you're not a fan of these (but I promise: you will smell like a thin mint and/or one of those crazy crackable chocolate oranges. It's pretttty sweet.) Light-haired girls, this is where you're not bound by scent mixing! Add your favorite essential oil (lavender? basil? lemon? the possibilities are endless!) & go to town.


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