Monday, March 18, 2013

daily outfit: I do love a good boat neck

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl (spoiler alert: it's me). At the ripe old age of oh, nine, maybe ten? this girl was optimistic, a teensy bit idealistic, and naturally, loved a good romantic comedy (spoiler alert: not much has changed). Every weekend, this girl's family took a trip to the movie store & every single week, this girl chose one of two options: Father of the Bride, part II (I know, I was weird.) or You've Got Mail

dress: c/o eshakti; shoes: macy's 
To this day, I can still quote every single line from You've Got Mail (and do a pretty mean Franck impersonation, but that's for another day). Anyways! This story has a point, and here it is: there was a scene in the movie right before Meg Ryan is supposed to meet Mr. NY152 where Kathleen is wearing this boat neck dress that I swear to you, ten-year-old Mary thought was the prettiest thing on the planet

Looking back now, I can see that dress is pretty plain, but I just adored that boatneck. I needed that boatneck. Nevermind I wouldn't be able to fill out that boatneck for another, oh, three years or so, but whatever. I was a girl obsessed. 

 coat: old navy
Ever since that movie, I've just had a thing for this particular collar style. There's something about it that's so timeless, so classic, flattering, so demure-but-sexy. So when eShakti offered to send me a dress (!) of my choosing & encouraged me to try out their custom styling, I immediately picked this one (hello, beautiful) and snatched up the chance to switch out the regular crew neck for my beloved botaneck. 

(hello, pretty details! also, it's got pockets-- zoinks!) 
Let me tell you-- I am in love. Also because I tend to fall on the shorter (ahem) end of the spectrum, I had the dress shortened to just above my knees as well, and truly, I couldn't be happier. The dress is the perfect sweet, summer dress, super flattering, crazy comfortable, and fits my #1 requirement: I can see myself wearing it equally to a wedding or something fancy as I could just wear it on a warm summer day hangin' around town. 

So thank you, eShakti, for the pretty pretty pretttty dress that I shall spend all of my days flouncing around in once the weather finally hits above 40 degrees (can you see the look of frozen terror in my eyes? I couldn't feel any limbs by the end of this shoot, stupid winter). Thank you, Meg Ryan, for teaching me from early on that boatnecks >> plunging necklines every time, and thank you, balance, for not failing me as I hovered on the edge of this very precarious stone wall in teeter-y heels. Forever and ever amen. 

three seconds later I tried to let go of this pipe and almost fell 2.5 feet to my death. <- I'm a drama queen. 


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