Wednesday, March 20, 2013

five quick ways to survive the last winter days

So, this winter thing. (grumble, grumble). 

Seriously. It is still frigid winter here in the not-so-great snowy north, and y'all, I am WEARY of it. I just do not have it in me to trudge through one more mountain of snow, to wear one more itchy sweater, to biff it on one more patch of ice. I am done-zo. 

However, Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree with me, and as I tell my nannying kiddos: you get what you get, and you don't get upset. 

(grumble, grumble)

In the interest of making the most of this last (hopefully!) little winter kick-in-the-pants, I've compiled a few ways to enjoy the endings of winter before spring heads our way. 

1. Wear all of the fun, wintry layers you can before it's suddenly one thousand degrees.
Technically, layers don't feel fun anymore. What I wouldn't give to show, like, an ankle's worth of skin without getting frostbite, but there are some styles I know I'll miss once it warms up. Scarves: check. Cute winter hats: check. Tights: check. Slightly weirdo knee socks over boots (my fave): check and check! 

2. Turn on your twinkle lights & cuddle up under a blanketSeriously, this is a biggie. I love nothing more than being cozy, and in during summers in my A/C-less apartment, I will not tolerate anything even remotely heat-giving within five miles of me once we hit those 90-degree days. Milk it now, friends. 

3. Make hearty food. Again: once it's warm enough to go bare-legged, I rarely find myself reaching for my recipes for soup, chili, stew, etc. Which is a shame, because let's face it: not only are recipes like these almost stupid-simple, they are tasty like whoa. Might I suggest my favorite potato leek soup, or the world's best-best-best chili ever? 

4. Shop the sale racks. Now is the perfect time to see what's made it to the ultimate clearance section at the department store or peruse the sweater section of your favorite secondhand shop. So many people eschew the winter-clothes-sales once they've begun to get cabin fever, and I get it. But now is the time to snap up some cute, deeply discounted winter wear for next year, or hey, even this year if your area is having a few more cold snaps like mine is. Push past all of the swimsuits at Tar-jay, baby, and dig in the goldmine that is the 75%-off rack!

5. Revel in excitement for all the goodness spring brings. We can all likely agree that 90% of the time, anticipation is even more fun than the actual experience itself, right? And I've always said that my favorite part of the seasons are right at the beginning of the change-- from summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, etc. Looking ahead to all of the lovely things that are yet to come is a wonderful way to get excited! Window shop some cute new styles, fantasize about the day your bare legs will see the sunshine again, eagerly eye your rainboots, knowing that soon your winter boots will have to make their way into storage again.

The moral of this story: I had to give myself a literal peptalk the other day as I trudged through the snow, hell-bent on whining about this lingering below-freezing weather. I had to remind myself that of course it will get warmer. Change is one of those things we can rely on, right? In the meantime, dwelling in the wants of the future is guaranteed to make me miserable, and enjoying the right now is a much, much better use of my time. I plan on milking these five steps until the very last of the snow has melted right off the ground and the first bloom pops up. While we're in it, we might as well have fun, right? :)

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