Friday, March 15, 2013

The Redhead Saga: or, why I stopped makin' my own shampoo

In case you didn't know, I have always wanted to be a redhead. 

It's not that I didn't love my brown hair-- quite the opposite, actually. I loved how it was more golden-y than anything, how it got natural highlights in the summer, how it eventually found its way back to auburn as the leaves began to change. But there's something about being a redhead that I just wanted to try, ya know?

So last week, I took the plunge. 

BAM! This was after step one, two, three, four, a thousand.

So I enlisted one of my BFFs and off we went to CVS to buy our weight in red-ish hair dye. (Only partly kidding. My hair is thick, y'all.) We listed to terrible radio pop and I sat in a chair that only made me tall enough to the see the top of my head in the mirror and she went to town puttin' dye all over my hairs. We sat. We watched tv. We waited for our Chinese food. Eventually, I washed it out, dried it, straightened it, the whole shebang.

And wouldn't you know: the crown of my head looked lovely. It was the beautiful dark brown-y auburn red that I've always wanted. 

The rest of my hair, though... was still brown. Um, what?!

I've never really dyed my hair before, so I while I wasn't sure what the exact protocol was, I was fairly certain the dye was supposed to go all over your head. 

The next day, I had the chance to see someone at a salon, and I snapped it up. Some sort of piña-colada-y scented detox shampoo (what?!) and two point five hours later, my whole head was, well-- red. It was almost exactly the same color the crown of my head had been the day before, just shinier and more complete.

While she was working on my hair, my stylist asked what kind of shampoo I was using. I told her  that I make my own shampoo (this recipe) & conditioner (apple cider vinegar). And she told me it was probably my that same beloved shampoo that did wonders for my hair that had prevented the color holding.

I was bummed, you guys. I initially made the switch because of a fear that I had been reacting to some chemicals, and ever since I did, my hair has never been happier. It was super clean, shiny, bouncy, I could skip a day wash if I wanted to (something I could never do before), I didn't need curling products anymore because it just found its natural curl without product weighing it down. But clearly, it wasn't the wonder solution I'd always thought it was when I started, so I went back to a store bought shampoo, sans parabens/sulfates/pthalates. 

And guess what? The world didn't end. I'm still not wild about the few chemicals in it (searching for a better replacement for next time), but honestly, it's the perfect example of what I always try to practice/preach: do the best you can, with what you have, where you are. I try to make as many of my beauty products as I can, but I still buy some natural products and --gasp!-- use conventional makeup. Perfect isn't attainable, but 'the best I can' is-- and that's where I try to stay. 

And the best part? I'm beginning to see that redheads are actually the ones that have more fun :)

Do you have any hair-dying stories? I wanna hear 'em! 


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