Thursday, April 18, 2013

daily outfit: currently.


Let's be real here for a moment: sometimes you have oodles to say. And sometimes you leave a post sitting in your drafts folder for six weeks because the words just aren't coming. So! Let's try something new today, shall we?

wearing: this dress from eshakti. (thanks, captain obvious mary.) Can't wait for it to get a smidgen warmer so I can wear it without freeeezing!
listening to: brave, by sara bareilles-- call me maybe mashup, by us-- teach me to know, by the lone bellow
snacking on: trader joe's dried green mango (like if mother nature made sour patch kids, okay. yum.) 
reading: a homemade life, by molly wizenberg-- for the thousandth time. I adore all travel + foodie memoirs, but this one is maybe my favorite. 
inspired by: my pretty house DIY pinterest board-- the DIY home decor bug has bitten me hard, you guys. 

what are you currently up to?


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