Thursday, July 4, 2013

24 Things in my 24th Year

I said I wasn't going to do it this year. I said that with my 60+ hour workweeks and full-time grad school + job, I was just too busy. A lot of my list last year was left unchecked simply because life got in the way. But then my birthday came and went, and it felt weird. And people started asking me, Mary! Where is your birthday bucket list? 

I wasn't going to do it, until I realized this: no matter how busy I get, no matter how stressed, I still want to live my life purposefully. I've been fully entrenched in my 24th year for a few weeks now, and while I'm certain I would still fare pretty well without it, I do love the anticipation, the excitement of a grand plan. So friends, here we go: a blueprint for a spectacular 24th year!

24 Things in my 24th Year

1. Go total curly girl method for at least 30 days (done 11/13)
2. Do one morning sun salutation everyday for a month
3. Host another clothing swap & donate the rest to the awesome organization where I work (done 9/16/13)
5. Try a new festival in Milwaukee (done 7/12/13)
6. Make Julia Child's chicken liver mousse. (Liver is super good for you, or something. It also gives me night terrors. However, if you add butter, shallots, and cognac, I'm willing to bet it's probably at least okay.) 
7. Tour a local farm.
8. Make pickles.
9. Do a thrift store refashion.
10. Cook something intimidating (see: last three years of lists, re: cooking a whole chicken)
11. Go to a drive-in movie with a bunch of friends, pack a picnic, bring blankets, be all cute and stuff. 
12. Try my hand at making some all-natural makeup.
13. Host/go to a red wine tasting, learn more specific details besides just: um... I like it. (done! 4/3
14. Write one snail mail card/letter/postcard per month.
16. Nail down some definitives on my N=1 experiment (working on it! Made great progress in the first four months of 2014)
17. Make paleo donuts (I didn't thrift a $1 donut pan for nothing, you know.) (done 2/1/14)
18. Try a new artistic medium. (Last year I learned that I love to paint, and have done it several times now. This year, let's see what else I can art!)
19. Go to a U-Pick berry farm. Pick... berries? Or peaches. Or whatever grows in WI besides pumpkins, apples & cranberries. 
20. Pay off my credit card bill entirely. (DONE! Hallelujah! 3/28/14)
21. Spend at least 30 minutes each day in activities that make me slooow down, gets my mind outta the way & help me connect. (doing great on this! It's a continual process :))
22. Graduate with my Master's degree (hells yeah! I'm all slated to graduate in December, and might I say I've worked my @ss off this year especially for this one, so I'm definitely gonna make it an achievement to celebrate!) (done 12/15!
23. Say YES more. (This is always, always on my list. This is why.)
24. Practice compassion. Be silly. Believe more. Treat others and myself incredibly. Live purposefully and eagerly. See the good and appreciate the bad. Do random acts of kindness always. Leave a trail of goodness, happiness and sparkles wherever I go. Be purposeful in the spectacular living of this life, and smile always. :)


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