Saturday, February 15, 2014

Currently: February, 2014

It's been a while since we've caught up, hasn't it? Like, really really caught up. Grab a cup of coffee (I'll wait)-- let's do this!
oh hello! dis is mah face today. I find it more helpful when we can see each other, namely, that I can show you my award-winning grumpy cat face.
Currently, I've been...

listening to: any, any, anything by Alex Boy√©. Have you heard of this dude? A friend of mine posted his increeeeedible cover of Let It Go from Frozen (still haven't seen it, lemme crawl out from this rock I've been hanging out under) and I absolutely lost myself in his youtube channel. He's got some incredible original songs up on his channel, but I'm absolutely losing it over his 'African-ized' covers of popular songs. This upbeat, uplifting, all-the-other-up-words cover of Ho Hey has been on solid repeat for the last 24 hours: 

reading: The Mercy of Thin Air, Ronlyn Domingue (the perfect blend of 'magical realism + human connection' that I just fall head over heels for-- still reading, I'll report back when I'm done!); If You're Not Yet Like Me, Edan Lepucki (this short story broke my heart wide open and flipped me sidesways and oh man, just spend the $5 on the ebook. read this.); Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed (as far as I'm concerned, Cheryl Strayed can do no wrong. Wild was incredible, this was amazing. Just... ugh. If you read one thing this year, make it this book.) 

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kicking my bootay in the best way: aerial yoga. More on this to come, but oh man. I've been settling into a steady cardio + lifting routine with my roomie + adventure partner in crime that has been making me feel like a badass gym goddess (did you know that squats are super hot? why did nobody tell me?), so in the interest of pushing ourselves way outta our comfort zones and seeing what sorts of awesome feats we can tackle next, we signed up for a few aerial yoga classes. Like I said, I have lots of thoughts on what this experience has meant to me so far (coming soon, promise), but in the meantime, watch this chick. Seriously, this is the coolest practice.

eating: the world's most delicious, tollhouse-reminiscent grain free chocolate chip cookies, pans on pans on pans of these umami-packed caramelized carrots, bowls full of hearty, perfect-for-chilly-days smothered cabbage soup (really, more like risotto), this crazy-easy, stupid-good five ingredient spaghetti squash pizza casserole.

loving: wine corks as memory keepers. A friend of mine introduced me to this idea a month or two ago, and I've been all about it lately. I've been saving the bottle corks for everything from my blog launch to galentine's day to nights in with pizza + camp takota and I can't wait to have enough to fill up cute little jars all over my house. Such a fun way to remember the good stuff.

photo from a beautiful mess
That's all for me! What have you been up to lately? 


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