Saturday, February 22, 2014

review: cave cravings february box

Friends! Let's talk awesome things. Specifically, food-awesome. You all know that I've been eating within a paleo framework for the better part of three years, leading to my eventual celiac diagnosis, weight loss, health gains, blah blah blar all the good things. And honestly, after almost three years, it just feels like normal, real life now-- it doesn't require much effort or thought or explanation, it just... is. But the one thing that still gets me to this very day is snacks. 

I am a snacker, by nature. Give me a thousand tiny bowls of bite-sized goodies over a full meal any day (well, most days). And while eating a diet focused on nutrient density doesn't really require snacks on the daily, I like to always keep a few things on hand for on-the-go (and frankly, I am just a human with snack-loving written into her DNA). So when Cave Cravings contacted me about their new all-paleo (gluten & grain-free, unprocessed/real food) subscription box asking if I'd like to give it a whirl, my answer was of course an enthusiastic yes (or maybe it was more like 'GIMME'-- semantics, really). 

I thought it would be fun for their very first box to do a little taste-test review video-- recruiting the help of my fave roomie, Sara. Sara doesn't eat a paleo diet (though I like to think I'm rubbing off on her), but she is a fairly adventurous healthy eater regardless, so I thought she'd be a good third party balance to my... ahem, adventurously quirky palate. As always, even though I was sent the box for review, you know honesty is my best policy-- all opinions are honest & my own!

ps. apologizing in advance for the excessive amount of times I say 'I feel like'... ugh, Mary. 
Don't make this into a drinking game, surely that won't end well. 

Are you interested in checking out Cave Cravings? Find them here-- you still have time to hop on board for next month's box! 


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