Well hello! I'm Mary :)

How did I get here? Let's start from the beginning: I started writing my first blog, Undergrad Fab, as a sophomore in college in frosty Minneapolis back in 2008. I wrote because I liked style blogs. I wrote because I liked writing. I wrote because I was lost. I was learning how to dress myself all while learning how to be. After a solid two-and-some years of blogging about my daily outfits, my semester abroad in London, my life as an undergrad and various other parts of who I am, I graduated from college. Although I'd like to think I was still fab, undergrad was no longer a title I could claim. 

So I packed up my little bubble - both literal and metaphorical - and moved over here to b+b to start the next chapter in my life back in my hometown of Milwaukee. In a quick two-and-a-half years, I've suddenly swooped in and out of grad school and here I am, facing new exciting things on the horizon yet again. 

Here is where I chronicle my life: the things I wear, the books I read, the music I love, the food I eat, the life I am very actively creating for myself. I like to try & live by the principles of yes, thank you and more, please. More goodness, more silliness, more colorfulness, more of who I am - genuinely.

And who I am is this: a girl who loves everything about the life she's living, and wants to be a part of something bigger :)